West Virginia Travel Nursing

Experience the beauty and history of West Virginia by becoming a West Virginia travel nurse, and fall in love with this mountain state full of rich history and modern amenities. For a job like no other, become a West Virginia travel nurse and take control of your career. With nurses in such high demand in West Virginia, many facilities are doing everything they can to recruit highly-skilled nurses to live, work and play in their state.

Benefits of West Virginia Travel Nursing

Employment Opportunities with Great Benefits—West Virginia travel nurses come from all over to work in state-of-the-art facilities and all it takes is an application to get started. If you choose to work with a placement agency, they can help you negotiate top-quality benefits, such as medical and dental insurance, 401k, free housing, travel reimbursement, travel allowance/reimbursement and even free or low-cost continuing education classes.

Take Control of your Career—As a West Virginia travel nurse, you can tailor an employment package to meet all your needs. You’ll be able to choose such aspects of your employment in regards to location, pay, benefits and the type of facility. A recruiter will assist you in putting all the pieces together for an extraordinary employment package that rivals some of the best in the business. Control your career by choosing assignments that meet both your professional goals and personal desires for travel and adventure.

Pump up your Resume—As a West Virginia travel nurse, you will be able to improve your professional skills in areas of nursing that perhaps you wouldn’t be able to at home. You’ll meet challenges head on that will help you to refine your skills as a nursing professional. Whether you learn something new from a mentor or act as a mentor yourself, each experience will have an impact on your career. Show future employers how versatile and flexible you are with time spent as a West Virginia travel nurse.

Awesome West Virginia—Lovely mountains, charming cities and affordable living are the main attractions to West Virginia, and you can experience it all when you become a West Virginia Travel Nurse. Its tall peaks and river valleys provide as much action or relaxation as you could want. Living history is around every corner and arts and handicrafts dominate the cultural heritage of this state. From the energetic state capital of Charleston to lovely rural towns born of coal mining, West Virginia is a hospitable and ever-welcoming place to live.